Just wanna go to a goth club mm’kay?

Hey guys long time no speak!

Recently I’ve been looking with my friend to go to a goth nightclub in NYC and it’s been sorta hard to find a nite. In the  90s and 2000s there was plenty of places to go and interesting goth events but for some reason it’s been harder and harder to find a goth night these days.The goth events that are happening in NYC right now usually play Industrial music (which I love) but once and while I would love to dance all mopey and pretend to pick fruit from trees listening to London after midnight or Sisters of Mercy with a amaretto sour in my hand. Yesterday I went to Gothic renaissance, which one of last goth clothing store in NYC, to find flyers for club nites and buy something cute. When I was leaving I snatched up alot of flyers to look at later.


So these are pretty good picks, one event is Industrial/ electro metal, one is fetish industrial, the other one is the usual goth nite mish mosh of goth, industrial, synth and new wave and the other one is 80s postpunk. I’m going to ask my friend which one she wants to go to and go from there. Another resource I really really really don’t want to do but I see I have no choice to is to join facebook. I noticed alot of goth promoters use facebook to promote their goth nights. Two goth nights I want to attend is Arkham and the Red party in Brooklyn. These two goth events only have facebook pages that only people with facebook can see. A necessary evil I suppose. And one last thing since the goth community in NYC I guess is small alot of super cool events happen during the week like a tuesday or a thursday like this event.Memento-Mori-June

Look at this! It’s totally amazing and its on a thursday which is hard for me because I work from M-F and I’m not young anymore so going out late I won’t be able to work and function the next day. I was thinking of going for a couple of hours and not drink but I’m not sure how fun will that be. Whatever I’ll go I’m going to have a great time, life too short right?


Body horror, Goth graphic novel and middle eastern artbook

Hello long time no see!,

Recently I’ve been buying books and I wanted to share what I bought the first one is a novel called “Biomelt” by Carlton Mellick III.


If you like Cronenburg, the movie “The Thing” or that part in Akira where the character Testuo turns into a monstrous baby blob of flesh then you’ll like this book. The book sets place in the future where because of overpopulation people have turned to merging one another to advance themselves in status and financial gain. When you merge or “melt” with another person you take their best parts of them and leave all the faults behind making the new person better in their view. The book starts out with a character name Sammy who didn’t want to merge with another person but when he found out that he couldn’t compete with people who had multiple lifetimes of talent, experience and knowledge in just one body he becomes desperate to find someone to merge with. He finds someone and he goes to the Wire district to meet her a bonding hotel but after he merges with her everything goes wrong and there’s these grotesque monsters that come from the malfunctioning bonding machines from the hotel that want to eat them. I was really surprised reading this because I never read anything like this before from Sammy talking about his grandparent (his grandfather bonded with his grandmother who then bonded with a younger man) to religious fanatics who use the technology in horrific ways. I also like the idea that having not desirable traits in society eyes are not necessarily faults at all and going through all these merging to get rid of flaws made them less human.

I picked up this goth graphic novel called “Gloom Cookie”, I remember I used to go to this comic book shop called Jim Henley’s and they used to have a goth section of comic books and I would buy this comic and “Wet Moon”.IMG_1012

I had to buy this secondhand from Amazon. So it’s about these characters dating, going to goth clubs and coffee shops dealing with drama. This book also a supernatural/ fairytale twist to it which complements the goth characters. I love the artwork of this book and I used to be obsessed with Artist who did another goth comic called “how Loathsome”.

My favorite part is one of the characters goes on a date and give the girl a bat which she makes a yucky face, highly recommend this one!

Lastly I bought a art book called “Antonio’s Tales from the thousand and one nights”


Back when I was in college I was obsessed with the works of Egon Schele and Antonio Lopez. Antonio Lopez was a huge fashion illustrator from NY in the 80s. I love how he drew men and women and especially how the clothing looked on the figures. I love the illustrations in this book with the colors and patterns.

I think art books are great for anyone for inspirations for makeup, clothing, decorating, whatever. I know these books are all over the place in genres and stuff but aren’t we all over the place sometimes?

Resolutions for 2016 and story ideas

Hi again!,

So New years is a couple days away and I’m thinking what goals I would like to accomplish in 2016. Here are my goals

lose weight– This is been hard for me but I feel if I put enough effort I can accomplish this and have a healthier lifestyle so when I have children I can live a good example to them.

overcome my fear of flying- I have a lot of phobias and I was able to overcome some of them them like driving and riding in crowded trains. The reason why flying is important is because my family lives in another country and I haven’t seen them in 2 years and I miss them so.

Being more assertive- I’m a shy and polite person and sometimes I can get into uncomfortable situations because I’m too scared to say “no”. Being more assertive is very important because it would help me with confidence and will have less stress.

That’s a lot for me, I’m a slow little turtle when it comes to change but I’m motivated, wish me luck 🙂

Ok so I have this issue that I get ideas for things and sometimes it’s random but it get stuck in my head for months until I write it out or draw and these current ideas are just bothering me to come out so I’ll write them down and hopefully they won’t bother me no more.

The first idea is this story of a goth commune set in upstate new york. In my head I have this reporter going up to the commune to interview some of the members and what they feel about the town ordering them to tear down their huge underground temple because of building voilations. The interviewer will talk to founding members who set up the commune in the 80s to various members who join in the 90s and onward. I was inspired by hippie communities and I was thinking why not goths because they have similarities in ideals with hippies.

The second idea is silly but fun. I like vampires but they have to be nosferatu kinda ugly with big pointy ears and big pointy teeth I don’t particularly like the pretty vampires, they’re a bit boring to me. I also like chinese vampires which are called Jiangshi which they stick their arms outs and hop because they are so stiff. The story set in New york city in the lower east side tenement apartments where a nosferatu and a Jiangshi have smuggled into the neighborhood from unexpecting immigrants and they confront each other for territorial control and then they both joined up begrudgingly and battle a super evil monster who threatens everyone in the neighborhood.


Thank you for reading this! happy new year 🙂

More DIY stuffs and other things :)


So I’ve been working and finishing some DIY projects. I didn’t like what I done with the huge collar so I separated the collar and made into two pieces. Here’s some pictures


I made it into a belt and here’s the top part

I glued the sparkly spider that Ramona sent and it looks cute. I have to learn how to make buckles, I’ve been using velcro all this time and it doesn’t look good. And I started with other things-


I found this harness thingie at the thrift shop and now I’m customizing it. I pin things to see if it works visually before I glue everything. I have to fuse more plastic bags to finish putting the pieces on it. Last post I showed sketches and Ramona was kind enough to suggest that the coffin belt would be a good idea so I’ve been working on it.


Here’s the close up of the coffin belt, I wanted you to see the texture of the fused plastic.


This is just the prototype, I have to go to the hardware store to get chains and O rings for this belt. Already I know the second version I’m going to make the coffin smaller and use black acrylic material for the coffin. I’m going to have to make multiple versions of this to get this right but I think when I do I’ll be able to sell it online. Good news I’ve been trying the montague diet and I lost 4 pounds but gained it back this week from christmas foods but I think that was pretty amazing and I’m more motivated to keep working on it. I have more things to say but I’ll make another post soon, have a good day!

Update DIY projects thingie


So I had a few DIY projects I’ve been working on and here’s my progress so far.

IMG_0868so for the belt I decided to use cheap plastic halloween table cloth I have for my computer desk, when I bought it from target I thought it was cloth but when I got home I realize it was thin plastic. So I fused that plastic with garbage bags but I know I need more layers of plastic to make it thick like a belt should be. I realize also that cutting it I place the direction of the design horizontal and I wanted it vertical. Meh, I’m always making mistakes. Sooooo  I’m thinking that I want a trim on the edges and maybe some black metal clasps to put the two pieces together.


So I scratched the idea of putting this on a belt and decided to make it a choker thing (I use a piece of wood to fuse the plastic together). Here’s what it looks like

Omg I look so smug in the second picture! Anyhoo, this choker is sooo big and over the top I will never wear it because I’m too shy.  I get too many ideas that I can’t tell if it’s good or not, here’s some sketches that I probably wont get around to making.


So I decided to add more materials to make for the next DIY project, here’s some cola cans-IMG_0869

basically if you flatten it out it’s like metal paper and I was thinking of cutting interesting shapes and sewing on the fused plastic, here’s my inspiration

I was thinking occult symbols and kitties, anyways I hope whoever reading this is having a good day. Here’s my little bat buddy saying bye


Bye bye! See you next time!

Projects I’m working on and stuff


Let me show you things I’ve been working on. I mention a couple of entries back that I wanted to work on another pair of bat shoes but that got in the wayside when I focused on making a bat belt/bag which right now is being shipped to England to a very lovely girl, Yay!. I want to get to work on those shoes in the future but I have a tendency to be very ADD on DIY projects and I work on multiple projects at the same time. Ok, so I went to burlington coat factory a few weeks back just to browse and I was looking at the clearance section and saw a bib necklace which I brought home and started DIY.


I remove the chains and added faux fur, Halloween spiders and bat wings then I realize I made it way too big for a necklace so I thought it would look better as a belt so I went to the thrift store and bought a wide belt but that didn’t work out either so I’m thinking putting in the lower back of a pleather vest or buying a belt on ebay that i would know work with the adornment.

As for the thrifted belt I took it apart and now I have two more projects


So I removed the front part and now I’m working on the pattern for the belt, I’m hoping it would be just black with corset stitching connecting the two pieces. As for the other part of the belt…


Arrgghh the picture is  upsidedown, anyways I’m going to make a choker with the glitter spider that Ramona sent (Thank you so much!).  Fingers crossed in hoping they come out ok,  random but here’s a video of a band I’ve been listening like every day. Have a great Thanksgiving!


Confusing lifestyle changes

Hi again!

So recently I’ve been looking at my lifestyle and there are things that I want to change, I don’t know how to go about it but I guess that’s life- not knowing but learning and growing in the process. I’ve been steadily gaining weight over the years since my late twenties and at this point it’s affecting my health and my confidence. I’ve been going to the gym 2 to 3 times a week at 45 minutes to a hour to shed some weight but the weight isn’t coming off instead I’ve gained ten pounds since then. Then last week I was watching a documentary on netflix called “fed up” about the food in the US and our obesity problem. In the documentary it was saying that most of our foods has high fructose corn syrup and that ingredient causes a whole mess of health issues like diabetes, cancer and obesity. The reason why companies use this ingredient is because it’s super cheap to make and makes the person want to eat more which is good for them because we buy more. So I did a experiment to myself where I didn’t eat anything with high fructose corn syrup and it was super hard because EVERYTHING has it including foods that say it’s healthy so I bought simple foods like spinach, plain yogurt, nuts, eggs and rice. At the end of the week I weigh myself and I was totally shocked I lost 3 pounds but it’s been difficult to stay on because after a few days I get withdrawal symptoms like fatigue and headaches, I was feeling so crappy this week I had a glass of diet soda and afterward I felt so much better. Not good. This week I’m going to stay on this because I want to know what happens after 30 days? how will I feel? why did I have withdrawal symptoms from a ingredient? In the documentary it also said that even though were fat were are also starving because we don’t have the nutrients to sustain ourselves which is true because I’m severely vitamin D deficient and I have high blood pressure which is unusual for my age. I don’t know if this is interesting but this is going on in my head recently. I have a question for people not living in the US does your food have high fructose corn syrup?